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Four everyday Australians transform the way they perform in life…

The Body & Brain Overhaul Participants with Paul Taylor

The elite athletes we most admire are more than just physically gifted machines, they also excel at training their brains…

‘Body and Brain Overhaul’, is a new TV series that shatters conventional thinking about what it takes to achieve peak performance and stay there – whatever your field.

We follow the progress of a former AFL footballer, a mum running her own business, a managing director with 65 staff and a personal trainer with a young family, as they take on a life-changing eight-week challenge.  Each week we see them tackle a new aspect of their individually designed programs. What will it take for each to raise the bar and reach optimum performance at home, in the office and on the sporting field?

In ‘Body and Brain Overhaul’ the only competition the participants undertake is with themselves – to be healthier, fitter, to reduce their biological age, to improve their brain function and ultimately to increase their success and enjoyment in life!

Latest News

Body Brain gym now open in Prahran, Victoria

Paul Taylor has finally opened a 'brain gym'  called Acumotum (Latin: Intelligent Movement) in Prahran with more gyms expected to open interstate in the future. Members are getting great results and having fun at the same time!

Final results for our participants

The Body and Brain Overhaul program has had amazing and lasting results for our participants. Find out how their lives have changed for the better.

Paul's top tip to reduce your Biological Age (and boosting your brain!)

When it comes to reducing Biological Age, there is one component that stands out above all others. You may well suspect, correctly so, that it is the 'magic pill' ........

Why Cholesterol May Not Be the Cause Of Heart Disease

Heart disease is not only about cholesterol. It is important to look at many factors that contribute to your overall risk. And it seems that insulin and blood sugar imbalances, and inflammation are proving to be more of a risk that cholesterol. An...

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