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Paul Taylor

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‘Body and Brain Overhaul’ presenter, Paul Taylor, CEO of Personal Training Academy, Acumotum and the Body Brain Performance Institute, is a former Royal Navy Aircrew Officer, an exercise physiologist and nutritionist who has designed his own system of evidence-based fitness science, called ‘Scientific Holism’.  He is an irreverent, charismatic international speaker and educator whose style makes for riveting television.

Holistic health is ‘Taylor-ed’ to the individual

Eight years as an Airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer and Helicopter Search-And-Rescue Crew member has armed ex British Naval Officer Paul Taylor with the skills and personal qualities to excel in his current career. Since his arrival in Australia in 2004, Paul has established himself as an internationally recognised educator, expert, innovator and entrepreneur in the fitness industry. He is the developer of BioAge testing and is the founder of Australian companies Personal Training Academy Global (PTA Global) and corporate health educator the Human Performance Institute (HPI).

Paul is an accredited and practicing Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist who combines his university education with an enthusiasm for neuroscience, quantum physics and positive psychology. He has developed a system which he has describes as ‘Scientific Holism’, a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that integrates physical and mental analysis to develop evidence-based fitness programs.

“Australia has the best registration process for fitness certification and qualification,” says Paul. “Integrating science-based solutions for health and wellbeing raises the benchmark of the fitness industry in Australia which then raises standards on a global scale.” In 2008, Paul was identified as one of the top international fitness educators and selected to present at industry conference ‘Meeting of the Minds’ in the US. Paul was also recently appointed as Adjunct Professor of Functional Neuroscience at The University of San Francisco.

At PTA Global, Paul has united 16 of the world’s top fitness industry educators to develop a career pathway for fitness instructors and personal trainers. “We are giving our students the opportunity to have a career in fitness rather than just working in a job at a gym; this transient nature of the industry is a major issue facing health clubs everywhere,” says Paul. This will result in global standardisation of fitness education, giving personal trainers higher levels of skill which will be recognised by industry registration bodies Fitness Australia and Kinect.

Paul also runs ‘Lifestyle and Stress Management’ programs through his business, the Human Performance Institute. Specialising in Executive Performance, HPI facilitates corporate health programs for developing physical, emotional and cognitive resilience. His ‘Sustainable Leadership’ courses also integrate BioAge Testing and functional brain testing.

In addition to BioAge testing and crucial to the holistic nature of his ‘Scientific Holism’, Paul is a partner of functional brain testing developer the Brain Resource Company in Australia. Facilitated by My Brain Solutions, a service which performs individual and validated online measurement and assessment of mental wellbeing, the program also provides solutions for maximising mental peak performance.

As an experienced international fitness industry presenter, Paul provides his expert commentary at seminars, conferences and in the media. His personal interests mirror his professional passions and are all things health and fitness. To relax, Paul enjoys tai chi and playing football, boxing, weight training, squash and is a PADI advanced diver. His past is peppered with travel adventures in 42 countries including volunteer work on Kibbutz Revivim in Israel and a three week unsupported trek in the Amazon jungle.

About Paul Taylor: An accredited and practicing Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist, Paul has developed a system which he has describes as ‘Scientific Holism’, a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that integrates physical and mental analysis to develop evidence-based fitness programs. He is the owner and founder of Australian companies The Personal Training Academy Global ( and the Body Brain Performance Institute ( and the new body-Brain gym Acumotum. Paul has developed a science-based computer program for BioAge testing and, as a partner and agent of My Brain Solutions, he facilitates online functional brain testing (