Body and Brain Overhaul

Four everyday Australians transform the way they perform in life…

The Body & Brain Overhaul Participants with Paul Taylor

The elite athletes we most admire are more than just physically gifted machines, they also excel at training their brains…

‘Body and Brain Overhaul’, is a new TV series that shatters conventional thinking about what it takes to achieve peak performance and stay there – whatever your field.

We follow the progress of a former AFL footballer, a mum running her own business, a managing director with 65 staff and a personal trainer with a young family, as they take on a life-changing eight-week challenge.  Each week we see them tackle a new aspect of their individually designed programs. What will it take for each to raise the bar and reach optimum performance at home, in the office and on the sporting field?

In ‘Body and Brain Overhaul’ the only competition the participants undertake is with themselves – to be healthier, fitter, to reduce their biological age, to improve their brain function and ultimately to increase their success and enjoyment in life!

Over eight weeks, wellbeing & performance innovators, Paul Taylor & Dr Roy Sugarman, take four Australians and the viewers on a wild ride through the body and brain, uncovering the clues to achieving excellence in all areas of life.  Along the way, they challenge current training practices, overturn outmoded thinking and reveal startling facts about how to optimise the body & brain to overcome the physical and mental stresses of contemporary living and achieve spectacular results in life.

‘Body and Brain Overhaul’ presenter, Paul Taylor, CEO of Personal Training Academy as well as Human Performance Institute is a former Royal Navy Aircrew Officer, an exercise physiologist and nutritionist who has designed his own system of evidence-based fitness science, called ‘Scientific Holism’.  He is an irreverent, charismatic international speaker and educator whose style makes for riveting television.

Paul will be joined in specific programs by leading brain expert and internationally recognised lecturer in neuropsychology, Dr Roy Sugarman, as well as a stellar line up of leaders in sport and science.  Australia’s elite sportspeople will also feature as they share the training secrets that make them champions.  Together with Paul’s combined knowledge of functional neuroscience, quantum physics and positive psychology, they go to work on our four participants to produce amazing personal and physical results.

Episodes cover: The Performance Web, The Stress Vortex, The Science of Weight Management, The Resilience Factor, Age-Proofing the Brain and much more.

‘Body and Brain Overhaul’ breaks new ground on the Australian sporting and lifestyle scene and is irresistible viewing for everyone who has a fascination with how the body and brain works.

‘Body and Brain Overhaul’
Transforming the way we perform in life and in sport…