Body Brain Performance Institute

Corporate Health

Specialising in Executive Health and Performance

The Body Brain Performance Institute is focused on Executive Performance and offers a range of solutions designed to enable your organisation to maximise its Psychological Capital.

The BBPI Programs on offer:
    * The Performance Web.
    * Tailored Workshops.
    * Cutting-edge Biological Age and Brain Assessments.

Biological Age Testing (BioAge)

BioAge is a scientifically developed and medically approved biological age testing system that encourages permanent behaviour change through its proven ability to motivate.

It adds credibility and an extra income stream to your business.

We now have four different choses of tests that you can use on clients with different goals:
    * BioAge Standard
    * BioAge Clinical
    * BioAge Strength
    * BioAge Sport

The comprehensive assessment increases motivation and inspires long-lasting health changes through a series of physical and behavioural assessments that demonstrate how lifestyle choices impact the body.

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