Episode 2: A New Era of Personal Training

Wednesday, 26 August, 7:30 PM One HD
Adelaide 7:00 PM
Perth 5:30 PM

We cross to Genesis Fitness, and gain insights to the latest training techniques by watching the PT Academy education team honing the skill of a hand-picked bunch of Genesis Fitness personal trainers, who discover how the body really works, and why many commonly prescribed exercises impair, rather than improve the body.

Our personal trainers are then introduced to the concept of vibration training and Paul puts celebrity trainer Michael Ryan (whose clients include Hugh Jackman) and Body and Brain Overhaul participant Christian through a workout on the powerplate.  Don’t miss Michael Ryan’s thoughts on this intense workout!

Paul interviews Jason Webber, ex-Wallabies Performance Coach and Sports Science Manager at the Freemantle Football Club, on his opinions about training for performance.

The participants then meet their new Personal Trainers and conduct their first session. At the end of the episode Paul sets each of the participants a ‘Peak Performance Challenge’ - a personalised goal that they will attempt to attain by the end of the series.