Episode 3: The Performance Web

Wednesday, 2 September, 7:30 PM One HD
Adelaide 7:00 PM
Perth 5:30 PM

This episode takes an in-depth look at Paul’s ‘Performance Web’, which highlights the dynamic interplay between Brain and Body, across 6 key areas; nutrition, movement, recovery, thinking, stress management and happiness.

Paul and Roy explain why each point of the web is important and how the structural integrity of the whole web is compromised if one or two areas are lacking. They look at the integrity of each individual’s web, teasing out practical ways that each individual can make small but powerful changes that will have a cumulative impact on wellness and personal performance.

  • - Christian and Paul do a round in the boxing ring to discuss the importance of movement.
  • - Jonny and Paul talk nutrition and go shopping for food for the brain.
  • - Russell is introduced to Paul’s 90 minute ‘brain booster breaks’ to help with his recovery - and puts him through a workout on the powerplate in his office.
  • - Corinne catches up with Roy to work on her thinking and strategies she is putting in place to better manage her worry and anxiety.

Paul reveals his ‘magic pill’ to cure all disease.  You’ll have to watch to find out where to get it!  Then he puts the group through an intense workout, to illustrate the importance of intensity in exercise – even if it’s only a ten minute session.

This week’s expert Associate Professor, David Cameron-Smith from School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Deakin University who joins Paul to talk about anti-oxidants and the impact exercise has on the brain.