Episode 4: Age-proof your Body and Brain

Wednesday, 9 September, 7:30 PM One HD
Adelaide 7:00 PM
Perth 5:30 PM

Our participants and viewers are taken on a tour of the body and brain and Paul and Roy take a look at how both our bodies and brains age; examining the major theories of ageing and then taking a closer look at what happens to our cells and systems of the body, the impact of declining hormone levels and inflammation.

Paul and Roy are concerned about participant, Russell’s health. So Paul puts him through an intense workout at Genesis Fitness and confronts him with a few home truths about his longevity.  He tests his heart, via a graded exercise test, and then sends him to Dr Roy Sugarman’s office for a discussion about the balance between work and family.

Paul and PTA master trainer, Ian O’Dwyer conduct an exercise session with four older adults, in their seventies and eighties, and invite our participants along to illustrate the importance of movement as we age.

Corinne and Christian meet their business coaches and start work on improving the way they operate at work, while Jonny catches up with Roy to talk about what he’s learned so far, and what he plans to do once the ‘Overhaul’ is over.

And to top of a jam packed week, Paul speaks with former AFL Player and Coaching legend Tommy Hafey about his secrets to healthy ageing.

In week four of Body and Brain Overhaul the participants do a workout with a group of older adults in their 70's and 80's from the Council on the Ageing (COTA) 'Living Longer, Living Stronger' program. For more information on how to get involved in 'Living Longer, Living Stronger' click here: