Episode 5: The Science of Weight Management

Wednesday, 16 September, 7:30 PM One HD
Adelaide 7:00 PM
Perth 5:30 PM

This week is all about ‘fueling’ the body and the brain to achieve peak performance.

The group meet Paul at Maserati where he drives home the message that you need to fuel your body with top nutrition to be able to perform effectively at work, home and on the sporting field.

Throughout the episode Paul provides his top product tips - covering everything from breakfast cereals and snacks, through to breads, spreads and supplements.  This focus on food culminates in Paul flexing his muscles in the kitchen, to make his favourite breakfast and lunch dishes for the group.

Paul reveals the true complexity of weight management; examing the sometimes surpising roles of stress, processed food, climate control, environmental toxins and prescription medications – and catches up with Professor Brian Oldfield from the Department of Physiology at Monash University to talk about appetite and it’s relationship with the brain.

Our busy presenter checks in with two of the participant’s other ‘halves’ – Atisa (Jonny’s partner) and Bec (Christian’s wife) to get an insight into how things are going at home ….and Corinne and her trainer Janine do an intense workout with Paul to help build resilience, with revealing results for Corinne.  Don’t miss it!