Episode 6: Stress, Resilience and Recovery

Wednesday, 23 September, 7:30 PM One HD
Adelaide 7:00 PM
Perth 5:30 PM

This week Paul Taylor and Dr Roy Sugarman step it up a notch with a military-style ‘Stress and Resilience Day’ to illustrate the impact stress can have on the body and the brain and how overcoming tough challenges helps to build resilience in daily life.

Without any prior knowledge, our four participants are driven to an abandoned flour mill and told they will be climbing up and abseiling down the side of the fifty floor building.  They are then delivered to a paintball venue where, in a battle field senario,  they have to work together to rescue a hostage from a group of balaclava-clad agressors.

Each member of the group is fitted with a heart-rate monitor to show how their bodies react to intense stress - and lets just say there are bruises, sweat and tears!  Don’t miss it.

Then, from the battle field to Jonathan’s battle to get a good night’s sleep.

A month ago, Dr Roy Sugarman measured the heart-rate variability of each of the participants to give them a breathing rate to help calm them down in stressful situations.  He worked specificially with Jonny who has struggled for years with his sleeping patterns.  We find out how Jonny’s faring now with the help of Dr Roy Sugarman and the Brain Resource ‘MyCalmBeat’.

Paul meets with champion Ironman and triathlete, Chris Legh, a man who knows all too well what can happen when you put too much stress on your body. A near-fatal collapse at the 1997 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii (as currently featured in the national Gatorade advertisements) had huge health implications for Chris.  Paul chats with him about the importance of training and recovery.

Our busy presenter has also been catching up with the partners of the participants to see if they’re noticing changes at home. This week Jill (Russell’s wife) and Matt (Corinne’s husband) reveal some interesting insights into what’s going on behind closed doors!

And after a full-on week for all, Paul and Roy organise a special recovery session for the group at a Spa and Dr Roy Sugarman gives us his top tips for recovery for the body and the brain.