Episode 7: Harvesting Happiness and Participant Progress Report

Wednesday, 30 September, 7:30 PM One HD
Adelaide 7:00 PM
Perth 5:30 PM

Paul Taylor and Dr Roy Sugarman have framed their Body and Brain Overhaul training programs around their ‘Performance Web’.  The web highlights six key areas we should all be trying to balance to achieve ‘peak performance’ they are: nutrition, movement, recovery, thinking, stress management and harvesting happiness.

With only one week to go before the final results Paul and Roy set the group a challenge, outside of their comfort-zones, to get them thinking about the importance of happiness.  They ask Corinne to run a special training session, with the participants and their partners, doing something that makes her very happy - salsa dancing!

Paul takes a look at the science of happiness and how being a positive person or a negative person is all about repetition, and how the networks in the brain can be changed with dedicated training.  He also talks about reward pathways in the brain and how, and why, modern diet and drug use can lead to addiction.

Paul confronts Jonathan, by playing him some footage of an interview conducted with him at the start of the overhaul process, which leads to a revealing discussion around the impact past recreational drug use and more recent prescription medication abuse had on his life. Jonny speaks movingly about how the Body and Brain Overhaul process has helped him find new ways to feel good about himself and his life.

Dr Roy Sugarman meets with Russell, Corinne and Christian for a final check-in on how they are thinking and feeling as we head on towards the final results day.  Plus, the group do a final session in the gym with their Genesis Fitness trainers in the lead up to their new BioAge test next week.

Paul’s elite athlete interview in Episode Seven is an inspirational chat with Paralympian Michael Milton, gold medal winning skier and cyclist.