Episode 8: Final Results

Wednesday, 7 September, 7:30 PM
Adelaide 7:00 PM
Perth 5:30 PM

Paul, Roy and Ian with the Genesis trainers have worked hard for 8 weeks, and all participants have done well. BUT: the proof is in the data. Paul takes the participants through the BioAge measures again, and Roy gets them to redo their web based brain assessments. The results will show whether an integrated approach to bodybrain vitality has indeed built resilience. The BioAge must show that each has clawed back years of their lives, especially for Jon and Russell, who had the biggest gaps between their chronological age and their BioAge. Paul takes all four though the Beep Test, including Jon who had to sit out the baseball diamond testing in episode one because of his achilles tendon, now fully healed. Paul reveals their individual BioAges and therefoe whether all their hard work has been worth it.

Roy takes them to a soccer field in Melbourne, where he acts as goalkeeper. All four have to now apply themselves to the penalty spot, and try to get past Roy, a mean goalie in his prime ( a long time ago). When each succeeds finally, Roy calls them to the goalmouth to get their brain health results, and see what percentage improvement they might have managed: will their brains have changed? Will Christian and Jon have undone the damage various brain insults have caused? Will Russel show the world any change in his non-conscious emotion? Will Corinne conquer the disabling anticipatory anxiety? Roy lets them know, and later on the field and in the BodyBrainOverhaul office, they speak of their life changing experiences, during Body and Brain Overhaul.

We hope you have enjoyed the series, and if you want to see Body and Brain Overaul again, write to us and tell us what you think!! Warm regards from the BABO team.