The final result for our participants

The Body and Brain Overhaul process started with our participants undergoing a Bioage assessment and a Brain Test. From there, they were put through a rigorous program of exercises for both the body and brain to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

Lets look at how Jon, Corinne, Russell and Christian improved so much:

• Jon: Jon was using a lot of medication, some of which has the known side effects of raising triglycerides, a very dangerous thing to do, but a known side effect. He was not showing signs of depression on testing, but a lot of anxiety, and he wasn’t as fit as he could be. Ian O’Dwyer worked on his muscles, his balance and so on, Roy kickstarted his motivation with a challenge that his focus was all about his mood and anxiety, and his focus on using drugs, medication, and his obsession with being depressed, and Paul got him doing very very strenuous exercise. Roy measured his resonant frequency and found a breathing rate of 4.5 breaths per minute was the magic number to relax him, and help him be calmer and get more sleep. He started eating food with much less processed food and started eating food as fresh as could be, eating more Omega 3 foods, namely fish, olive oil, and so on. This was the basis of the major changes he went through, to succeed as he did

• For Corinne, Roy worked on her stepping back from her anxiety, Paul got her out of bed with nice vigorous exercise on the Powerplate, not coffee, and away she went. Essentially, Roy got her to step back and document her anxiety on a daily basis, watching herself rather than being immersed in her worries. She found out the time of day when it was worse, and did other things. But just becoming the watcher gave her just enough objectivity to control the anxiety, together with her resonant frequency breathing as well. The rest, is history, and her business coach, Roy Gozzard, was able to assist her in taking that next step to success.

• For Christian, his anger meant a lack of assertion. He just couldn’t say NO to anyone, and so was kept away from doing the things he loved most. Roy convinced him that using alcohol to increase his sense of assertion was not working, and he had to learn to say no to others, leaving him in charge of his time and family. Roy also found that he had signs of memory and other problems, to which he admitted, as well as headaches, and a diminished sense of smell, and other problems indicating an endangered brain. The small, sharp movements of his skull when hit, meant that his brain bounced off sharp edges of skull and dura in his head that were causing him to lose brain tissue. He knew so many others around him that this had already happened to (think Tyson, Ali) and reluctantly he agreed with Roy. He found it hard to work with his business coach, as his brain really was too slow at the beginning to manage the tasks required, but he soon learned that the effort was adding neural connections in his brain, and it got a lot easier!!

• Finally, Russell understood that neither his father nor his grandfather lived past 60 years old, and he wasn’t likely to get that far. Nothing in his life, outside of his family, deserved that sacrifice, so Russ hired an assistant, and spent much more time with the things he truly loved, namely, his family life and his marriage.

So all learned in Episode 8 is that you have to sacrifice things you love, for things you love MORE. By becoming an expert in YOU, you can find what changes you have to make, so that you can change on your own terms. That, is the BodyBrainOverhaul challenge!

If you are interested in having your Biological Age assessed, contact your nearest Personal Trainer and point them to to access the testing software. Or, contact your nearest Genesis Fitness Clubs or Fitness First.