Body Brain gym now open in Prahran, Victoria

Paul Taylor has finally opened a 'brain gym'  called Acumotum (Latin: Intelligent Movement) in Prahran with more gyms expected to open interstate in the future. Members are getting great results and having fun at the same time!

Final results for our participants

The Body and Brain Overhaul program has had amazing and lasting results for our participants. Find out how their lives have changed for the better.

Paul's top tip to reduce your Biological Age (and boosting your brain!)

When it comes to reducing Biological Age, there is one component that stands out above all others. You may well suspect, correctly so, that it is the 'magic pill' ........

Why Cholesterol May Not Be the Cause Of Heart Disease

Heart disease is not only about cholesterol. It is important to look at many factors that contribute to your overall risk. And it seems that insulin and blood sugar imbalances, and inflammation are proving to be more of a risk that cholesterol. An...

Harvesting Happiness

What makes us happy? Winning the lottery? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Read more on the steps you can take to harvest happiness.

Breathing software

Would you like to decrease your stress, improve your sleep. concentration levels and enhance your focus? The breathing software will be available by the end of October. Register your interest through the feedback form or keep checking...

Explaining the brain to kids

Brain for Kids: Dr Roy Sugarman has created a simple, child-friendly presentation to explain to kids how the brain works. If you want your kids to look after their brains, this is a good start to the process!

Stress and the modern world

Dr Roy gives us an overview of why it's hard to manage stress in our modern world, how it affects our brains and our wellbeing and what we can do about it.

Healthy, delicious and easy recipes

Make easy nutritious and delicious breakfast and lunch & dinners.

A Big Fat Surprise

Pretty much everybody these days knows that we are in the grip of an Obesity epidemic and most people know the two major causes; that we eat too much and move too little.