Healthy & Delicious recipes

These recipes are simple, healthy and delicious!

Breakfast for Champions

Rolled oats
Crushed lindseed and nuts such as walnuts, almonds or brazil nuts
Pumpkin seeds
Chopped banana
Any berries you like either in season or frozen
Chopped grapes
Yogurt (either low fat or full fat)

Mix all together for a delicious and highly nutrious breakfast that will keep you full for most of the morning.

Chicken Salad
Free range chicken (ready cooked BBQ (no skin) or grill some chicken breasts)
Rocket or spinach leaves
Grated or julienned carrot
Alfalpha sprouts
Splash of Olive Oil
Sprinkle of balsamic vinegar
Squeeze of lemon juice

Mix everything together for a delicious and health lunch. You can add any vegetable you like to this salad and use fish instead of chicken.

Cannellini Bean Salad

Serves 2

1 can Cannellini Beans
Half Red Onion, cut finely
Bunch Green Beans, Steamed (but still crunchy) & sliced
Cherry Tomatoes, halved
Handful rocket (optional)
Sprinkle of fresh parsley and mint
Splash of Olive Oil
Sprinkle of Balsamic vinegar
Squeeze Lemon Juice

Mix everything together and serve with Grilled steak, chicken or fish – an easy, healthy and delicious dinner!