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The final result for our participants

The Body and Brain Overhaul process started with our participants undergoing a Bioage assessment and a Brain Test. From there, they were put through a rigorous program of exercises for both the body and brain to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

Lets look at how Jon, Corinne, Russell and Christian improved so much:

Paul's top tip to reduce your Biological Age (and boosting your brain!)

When it comes to reducing Biological Age, there is one component that stands out above all others. Not only does it have the greatest weighting factor of any parameter, but it also has an impact on several other parameters. Anyone who saw the show may well suspect, correctly so, that is the 'magic pill' of exercise.

Why Cholesterol May Not Be the Cause Of Heart Disease

We have all been led to believe that cholesterol is bad and that lowering it is good. Because of extensive pharmaceutical marketing to both doctors and patients we think that using statin drugs is proven to work to lower the risk of heart attacks and death.

But on what scientific evidence is this based, what does that evidence really show?

Harvesting Happiness

In 1978, psychologists Brickman, Coates, and Janoff-Bulman compared the self-reported happiness levels of lottery winners, compared to paralyzed victims and normal people as controls. Surprisingly, lottery winners didn't report themselves much happier than the control group, and although the paralyzed people showed as less happy than the controls, the difference was not as big as you would think. Surprisingly, happiness can rebound from many things, and is not guaranteed even when we reach a cherished goal, nor is endless misery guaranteed when we lose something cherished.

Stress and the modern world

Although most people think of stress as a bad thing, it’s a natural part of the events that drive our brain to achieve, and motivate us to do things quickly. In the normal chain of events in evolution, stress kept us safe and alive. The experience of it created the chemical responses we needed to be alert, focused and driven to do what was necessary to survive.

Obesity: A Big Fat Surprise

Pretty much everybody these days knows that we are in the grip of an Obesity epidemic and most people know the two major causes; that we eat too much and move too little. The Obesity epidemic is developing at a frightening rate of knots and, of equal concern, is accompanied by epidemics in Type II Diabetes (it is no longer appropriate to call it adult-onset diabetes due to the increasing incidence in children) and the more complex and life-threatening epidemic that not many people talk about, Metabolic Syndrome (see my other article on that).

The Obesity Crisis: the Tip of the Iceberg?

In this article,  I want to probe a little deeper into the issue of
Obesity and ask if there is a bigger issue at stake – an epidemic of
Metabolic Syndrome.

Food, Glorious Food – 13 Superfoods to Boost Your Health

by Nutritionist & Exercise Physiologist, Paul Taylor

We are a nation of supplement junkies: over 30% of us routinely use dietary supplements and as far back as 1993, we spent $621 million on them (Source: National Health Survey). However, recent studies have shown that we may be wasting our money.

Business Overhaul by Scott K.

Recently on the series Body and Brain overhaul I had opportunity to work with personal trainer Christian Ennor. His story is very typical of what most PT’s, studios and gym owners experience in their business. Thanks to the Personal Training Academy and Christian the segment highlighted the reasons so many struggle to succeed and why we have a high turnover rate of Health professionals in our industry. The following article will identify these key findings.

The Secrets of Longevity

When we talk about ‘longevity’, what we are really referring to is a delaying of the aging process. Aging is an unavoidable process of nature, but we now know that the rate of its development is variable. The anti-aging arena is now a big business – spending in this area is projected to reach a whopping US$42 billion in 2007. We are now constantly bombarded with marketing messages about anti-aging creams and anti-oxidant tablets and other purported longevity enhancing pills and potions. However, do any of them really work? How much of an influence is our lifestyle on our longevity?