Topic Presenters


Paul Taylor

Looking for Paul Taylor's Brain Gym, Acumotum?  Click on the link!

Dr Roy Sugarman PhD

Consultant - Behavioral and Clinical Solutions

Dr Roy Sugarman is an internationally recognised expert in brain health. Trained in both Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology, Dr Sugarman has over 25 years experience in helping his clients achieve the best brain performance possible, not only in those with brain injury or damaged brains, but also in the boardroom and on the sports field where peak performance is dependent on optimal brain health.

Ian O’Dwyer

Ian O’Dwyer has two passions he pursues: personal trainer education across the globe and optimal client well being. In his search for cutting edge knowledge and understanding of the body’s function, Ian has worked with and learned from some of the world’s leaders and pioneers in fitness and movement.